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Dear UOIT research community,

The Office of Research Services (ORS) is pleased to announce the implementation of the Integrated Research and Innovation System (IRIS) effective Monday, August 22. We have been working closely with the Research Ethics Board (REB) for the initial phase of implementation; accordingly, you can now submit new human ethics applications as well as submit events (renewals, closures, change requests) for your active human ethics files.

The vendor has informed us that a major upgrade to the research portal is forthcoming in the fall. Along with many new features, the upgrade will involve a fresh new look for the portal. For this reason, the REB will accept both online submissions through IRIS and the current paper submissions in Word until after the upgrade is implemented (the date will be communicated in the near future, but is expected to be early November). The REB review process and timelines will be the same for both submission methods. We trust this extended deadline for paper submissions will allow researchers enough time to complete and submit any draft applications that are still in progress.

Secure access to the IRIS portal offers many benefits to researchers, such as:

    • The ability to collaboratively develop human ethics applications with your research team.
    • A streamlined approach to respond to requests for clarification and update your application as needed.
    • The ability to renew, request changes and close your active files, and view the history of such requests.

Researchers are strongly encouraged to use IRIS for new applications to take advantage of the new streamlined approach to application submission and updates. Faculty researchers will login using their network credentials, so an additional user name and password are not required. We have prepared some user resources to assist you with becoming familiar with the system, and additional support is also available if you have further questions about the system.

Additional implementations for the IRIS research portal are tentatively planned as follows:

    • Animal Care Committee - Fall 2016
    • Grants and Awards - Winter/Spring 2017
    • Biosafety Committee - Summer 2017
    • Radiation Safety - Summer 2017

If you have feedback, comments or suggestions about the IRIS research portal, the Office of Research Services would appreciate hearing from you! You may email the IRIS System Administrator or use our online feedback form. Thank you for your support with ensuring a smooth transition to the research portal!

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