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Funding for research partnerships and commercialization

There are always additional calls for proposals that emerge. Contact your grants officer for emerging opportunities, or the Office of Research Services (ORS) to decide what is the best fit for your needs.

Industry-relevant collaborative research

Collaborative research with industrial partners is often a wonderful opportunity to work on projects that could have a direct and meaningful impact on the broader community. It is also a well-established path to research funds. The ORS plays a principal role in ensuring that the university, researcher and intellectual property are protected in research contracts.

Development of intellectual property or knowledge mobilization 

A number of funding streams are available that are specifically related to commercializing IP. In most cases, access to these funds is restricted to projects managed by the ORS. The ORS has to be directly involved in writing grant applications, commercialization and intellectual property protection plans, providing supporting documentation and ensuring that milestones are met. The following is an introduction to some programs. Please check this section frequently; new programs will be added as we learn about them.

Highly Qualified People (HQP)

A variety of programs exist to support enriched experience for students to carry out research programs with industry partners as part of their training.

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