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Research chairs

Research is flourishing at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. We are proud to have 11 Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) and five Industrial Research Chairs (IRCs).

Canada Research Chairs

In 2000, the Government of Canada created a permanent program to establish 2,000 research professorships—CRCs—in universities across the country by 2008. Chairholders advance the frontiers of knowledge in their fields, not only through their own work, but also by teaching and supervising students and co-ordinating the work of other researchers. Our university's 11 CRCs come from diverse disciplines, and each complements the university’s Strategic Research Plan:

  • Christopher Collins, PhD – Tier 2 CRC in Linguistic Information Visualization (Faculty of Science)
  • Pierre Côté, PhD – Tier 2 CRC in Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Khalid Elgazzar, PhD - Tier 2 CRC in Internet of Things (IoT) (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science)
  • Janette Hughes, PhD – Tier 2 CRC in Technology and Pedagogy (Faculty of Education)
  • Markus Piro, PhD - Tier 2 CRC in Nuclear Fuels and Materials (Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science)
  • Isabel Pedersen, PhD – Tier 2 CRC in Digital Life, Media and Culture (Faculty of Social Science and Humanities)
  • Sheldon S. Williamson, PhD – Tier 2 CRC in Electric Energy Storage Systems for Transportation Electrification (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science)
  • Three Chairs are currently in development.

Former Canada Research Chairs

  • Douglas Holdway, PhD – Tier 1 CRC in Aquatic Toxicology (Faculty of Science)
  • Greg Naterer, PhD - Tier 1 CRC in Advanced Energy Systems
  • Shari Forbes, PhD - Tier 2 CRC in Decomposition Chemistry
  • Carolyn McGregor, PhD – Tier 2 CRC in Health Informatics (Faculty of Business and Information Technology)
  • Dan Zhang, PhD - Tier 2 CRC in Advanced Robotics and Automation

Endowed and Honorific Research Chair

Industrial Research Chairs

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology's chosen path focuses on both fundamental and applied research that directly benefits end users. To turn innovative ideas into real solutions, partnerships with industry are essential. The university currently has the following IRCs funded by industry:

Former Industrial Research Chairs

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