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What is UOIT’s research mandate?

UOIT’s mandate is to conduct outcome-focused interdisciplinary research and development that addresses social, environmental, health and economic challenges, and benefits society as a whole.

What are the university's strategic areas of research?

The university focuses on research that results in tangible benefits for society in six areas:

  • Advanced manufacturing for 21st-century innovation.
  • Education for the 21st century.
  • Energy and the environment.
  • Human health and community wellness.
  • Information and communication technology and informatics.
  • Life sciences and biotechnology.

Detailed information on UOIT’s Strategic Research Themes is available in the Strategic Research Plan.

How do the university's students contribute to research?

UOIT’s unique learning environment enables students to work side-by-side with professors. They develop skills and abilities that enable them to become the research leaders of tomorrow. Undergraduate and graduate students play key roles in a number of research projects. They are responsible for investigation and interviewing, data scrubbing and analysis, modelling, documenting and more. Every August, the Student Research Showcase brings together undergraduate students and UOIT professors to present their current research projects in a poster exhibition. One Best Poster Award is presented to each faculty.

In addition, research findings are transferred into the curriculum whenever possible, ensuring students develop hands-on experience and have access to the most current, relevant research available.

How does the university connect its research mandate to the community?

UOIT hosts and sponsors a number of conferences, competitions, lecture series, and outreach programs each year to interact with the community and generate an interest in ongoing research at the university. For example:

  • UOIT is a funding partner of Science Rendezvous, a full-day event designed to promote the importance of science to society. Science Rendezvous is a Canada-wide science and technology exposition, consisting of science and discovery-related events, mini-workshops, demonstrations and hands-on experiences. The event is targeted at the general public, parents and children. Science Rendezvous hopes to demystify science and begin an engagement that will lead to improving enrolment in sciences and technology education. The university is proud to be a part of this Greater Toronto Area science initiative.
  • The UOIT Engineering Robotics Competition promotes engineering among high school students. Teams are given seven weeks to build a robot that will compete at a challenge game, using a Lego Mindstorms kit.
  • UOIT is the exclusive university sponsor of Sci-Tech Ontario, the umbrella organization that oversees the planning and organization of 35 Ontario Regional Science Fair competitions.
  • UOIT, in partnership with Intel Inc. and Genome Canada, is the exclusive university sponsor of Team Canada, the Canada-wide science fair winners who represent the country at the Intel International Science Fair.
  • Each spring, local students from across Durham Region participate in the Durham Regional Science Fair held at UOIT. The fair gives students a unique opportunity to showcase their talents and recognizes excellence in the physical, biological and engineering sciences. The event is organized and hosted by the university's Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science in partnership with Sci-Tech Ontario.

For more information on these and other community outreach programs, contact the Communications and Marketing department at 905.721.8668 ext. 6733.

How do I become an industry partner with the university?

There are multiple entry points into UOIT. If you are aware of a researcher whose work is of interest to you, you can contact them directly. Uncertain which researcher might have the right expertise? Search our Faculty experts page or contact us at Our partnerships officers can help you find the right partner and explain how industry-university collaborations work.

How successful have the university's researchers been in attracting external research funding?

Since its launch in September 2003, UOIT's external research funding has increased more than 42 times. In 2011-2012, the university attracted more than $10.5 million in research funding.

How do I contact a faculty expert?

Please visit our Find an expert page to search by keyword or faculty. You can find specific faculty members through the faculty directory. For further assistance, please visit the Research contacts page.

Whom do I contact for further information about research at the university?

Please visit the Research contacts page for assistance, or call 905.721.8668 ext. 2563 to speak with the Executive Assistant to the Vice-President Research, Innovation and International.

Whom do I contact for media inquiries?

Media inquiries should be directed to the Communications and Marketing department at 905.721.8668 ext. 6733.

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