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Research Excellence Award Speaker Series

The Research Excellence Awards recognize faculty members who have achieved national and/or international success and recognition through their research activities, and who have enhanced UOIT's reputation as a research-focused institution.

The Office of Research Services hosted the 2017 Research Excellence Award Speaker Series on March 2. This year’s speakers included 2016 Research Excellence Award recipients Dr. Leigh Harkins, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, and Dr. Hossam Gaber, Professor, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science.

Each presented highlights of their work and explained how their research has the potential to positively impact society. A reception followed the presentations.

Dr. Harkins receiving Research Excellence AwardDr. Gaber receiving Research Excellence Award

In her talk entitled Understanding Multiple Perpetrator Sexual Violence, Dr. Harkins examined this enduring social problem and explore why society’s understanding of the problem remains limited. Up to half of reported rapes in some countries involve multiple perpetrator sexual violence. The dynamics of these offences are very different from cases involving lone perpetrators. These differences have implications for prevention, policing, risk assessment and treatment.

Dr. Gaber presented a talk entitled Towards Resilient Energy and Transportation Infrastructures. He explored opportunities for implementation of profitable ‘smart energy’ systems for sustainable communities in Durham Region, across Canada and around the world, focusing on:

  • Energy conservation strategies and greenhouse gas reduction.
  • Gas-powered interconnected micro energy grids.
  • Integrated energy storage.
  • Plasma-based waste-to-energy solutions.
  • Renewable energy technologies of flywheel and battery systems.

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