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Futures Forum

About us

The Futures Forum is an initiative to support and to build on UOIT’s broad base of work by synthesizing an institutional perspective and voice on current and future public-policy matters that relate to the university's academic, research and innovation activities as well as the university's sustainability.

Our work

The primary purposes of the Futures Forum are to:

  • Identify, explore and articulate a distinctive UOIT perspective on key current and potentially emerging public policy issues related to the university’s status as an institution, and to its fields of academic and research expertise and leadership.
  • Identify opportunities to constructively voice such public policy perspectives.
  • Work with regional and other partners to identify areas where the university can effectively support the advancement of Ontario, Durham Region and Northumberland County.
  • Incorporate the work of the forum into ongoing institutional strategic planning.
  • Use the work of the forum to inform and support specific university initiatives that relate to, contribute to, or are impacted by public policy.

The function of the forum is to augment and inform ongoing academic, innovation, external relations, administrative and institutional work rather than displace it.


Working papers

Futures Forum reports


Undergraduate program: Introduction to Strategic Foresight - This course focuses on methods for the development of strategic proposals in the private, public, voluntary or not-for-profit sectors. Foresight is the ability to see developments before they become trends, to recognize patterns before they emerge, and to grasp the features of social currents that are likely to have an impact in future environments. Students will learn about time-tested strategic foresight methods to gather and develop critical knowledge, guide proactive policy, guide and enable present-day decisions, and shape strategic plans and partnerships. They will also learn how to frame future projects, conduct horizon scanning, analyze the impact of trends and identify drivers, confront critical uncertainties and methodically develop scenarios. The course also provides tools to assess scenarios and develop concepts into capabilities for organizations.

Certificate program: Introduction to Scenarios - If organizational planners are to be more systematic and rigorous in future planning, they may find it useful to create a scenarios capability within their organization. Scenarios use a longer and broader view of possible futures to more clearly appreciate the pervasive complexity and persistent uncertainty of the 21st century. Scenario development allows for investigation of the future and its implications in a manner that is not only systematic but also adds rigour. Moreover, the results obtained through the use of scenario planning are likely to be more credible and potentially useful, thereby allowing organizations to prepare for the worst while empowering them to strive for greater competitive advantage.






Michael A. Rostek CD, PhD, APF
Program Director
UOIT Futures Forum
905.721.8668 ext. 6103
289.927.7520 (cell)

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