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Office of the Vice-President Research, Innovation and International

Doug Holdway, PhD
Interim Vice-President Research, Innovation and International 

Campus Corners, Room 2311

ext. 2563

Vivianne Sharpe, BA
Senior Executive Assistant

Campus Corners, Room 2312

ext. 2563

General inquiries for Office of the Vice-President Research, Innovation and International

ext. 2563

International office

Scott Clerk, MA
Program Manager, International office

Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre (ERC), Room 3025

ext. 5490

Shannan Crowder, MEd
Academic Exchange Officer, International office

ERC, Room 3024

ext. 5481

Office of Research Services

Jennifer Freeman, MSc
Director, Research Services

Campus Corners, Room 2329

ext. 3176

Elisa Beverley, BSc 
Administrative Assistant

Campus Corners, Room 2330

ext. 3692

Jennifer Goldsmith, BJour
Administrative Assistant

Campus Corners, Room 2330

ext. 2205

Nancy Giddings 
Administrative Support 

Campus Corners, Workstation 2604

ext. 2357

Nicole Boivin, MA
Data Administrator

Campus Corners, Room 2323

ext. 6230

General inquiries for the Office of Research Services

ext. 3692

Grant Facilitation

Julia Armstrong, MA, MLitt
Grants Officer


  • Business and Information Technology 
  • Education
  • Social Science and Humanities 

Campus Corners, Room 2328

ext. 5307

Colleen McKay, MA 
Grants Officer


  • Energy Systems and Nuclear Science 
  • Engineering and Applied Science 

Campus Corners, Room 2326

ext. 6235

Laura Rendl, PhD
Grants Officer


  • Health Sciences
  • Science

Campus Corners, Room 2325

ext. 6244


David Pamenter
UOIT Executive in Residence

Jeffrey Peng
Student Liaison Officer

Campus Corners, Room 2319

ext. 6522

Karen Zavitz, MPA, AOCAD
Manager, Entrepreneurship Networks

Campus Corners, Room 2319

ext. 2380

Partnerships, Intellectual Property and Contracts

Alison Burgess, PhD
Senior Research Partnerships Officer

Campus Corners, Room 2321

ext. 6229

Justin Gammage, PhD
Industry Liaison Manager

Campus Corners, Room 2320

ext. 2699

Melissa Gerrits, BA, JD
Legal Counsel, Research

Campus Corners, Room 2327

ext. 6217

Joe Miller, BSc
Intellectual Property Officer

Campus Corners, Room 2322

ext. 3786

Nicola Hepburn, PhD
Research Partnerships Officer 

Campus Corners, Workstation 2603

ext. 2569

Research Ethics, Compliance and Safety

Jamie Coad, BSc
Biosafety and Radiation Safety Officer

Campus Corners, Room 2117

ext. 6521

Janice Moseley, BSc
Research Ethics Co-ordinator

Campus Corners, Room 2324

ext. 3693

General inquiries for the Office of Research Ethics and Compliance

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